Spring Tails From Mitcham Vets

Kito’s Paw-gery

Our lovely Kito was in for a surgery on his paw ???? He’s been limping for quite a while with nothing obvious causing it ????

We’ve decided to investigate further under anaesthetic for a potential foreign body. Our skilled vet Eoghan was able to find something that may have been the cause and removed it, giving space for new tissue to form ????????

We hope Kito’s paw heals well and he’ll be back to running around in no time ❤️

A smiley face

Poppy visited us to have x-rays taken of her foot, which she had been limping on recently ???? On the x-rays we can see that there is a fracture to one of the bones in Poppy’s toe ????

Poppy will need to be well rested in order for her toe to heal, not an easy task as she is very energetic! We have placed a bandage to hold everything in place and will see her regularly to change this and assess how well her bone is healing ???? What a star she was! ????????


Gorgeous Hodor came for routine neutering. He was such a well-behaved kitty cat and he recovered great!

We will see Hodor in a couple of days for a little post op check and more cuddles ❤️

A beautiful little lady

Lovely Sky came in for x-rays of her legs as she has been a little stiff and sore lately ???? The x-rays showed mild arthritis in her elbows, so Sky will be starting on joint supplements to keep her more comfortable ???? She will also benefit from low impact exercise that does not put pressure on her joints, such as swimming! ????‍♀️

We will monitor Sky’s condition closely and amend therapy as required. If you think your golden oldie is getting a bit stiff you can book a consultation to discuss this with a vet ????‍⚕️