Puppy Parties

Puppy Parties Are Back On!

Why are Puppy Parties so important?

During 8-16 weeks puppies are at their most influential age. They learn very quickly during this time, good things along with bad. Unfortunately thousands of dogs every year around the UK weren’t given the opportunity to learn correctly. They end up developing major behavioural problems. It is much easier to teach your puppy correctly from the start.

It is particularly difficult to socialise a puppy at this important age because they are too young to go into public areas such as dog park’s. Puppy Parties is a safe environment and because the other puppies are the same size and age it is less intimidating than meeting with a much bigger dog.

Where and when are classes held?

Classes are usually run at our Streatham Hill Vets surgery every Wednesday from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are able to restart our popular puppy classes at Diane’s beautiful garden in Mitcham every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm.

The price is £5 for our VIP members and £7.50 for non-VIP members.

Who runs the classes?

The amazing dog behaviour expert Diane Bruce. In the video, Diane gives an introduction on the essential points covered in the puppy parties.

What do the classes cover?

As well as providing your pet with the chance to learn how to play nicely, they will also become more confident in their surroundings and with other people. The classes teach some basic obedience and help you to successfully house train your pup as well as stop their chewing and biting. The classes teach you how to groom, clip nails and clean teeth etc. They cover benefits of using crates for training and ideas on how to use interactive toys and treats. Classes also give you the opportunity to discuss any issues you may be having at home with training etc.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Puppies need to have had their first vaccination (ideally more than a week prior to the party)
  • The kennel cough vaccination is desirable
  • Please bring treats for your pets (If you forget, we can supply you on the night)
  • Pups, ideally should have wee’d and poo’d before the classes (Do not worry if they haven’t)
  • Puppy will also need a well fitted collar and lead for the class

How do I book in?

Phone our surgery during open hours on 020 8640 5766 to book a place. The classes kick off promptly at 7pm.

For further training after the classes and for any other training advice contact Diane on 07807 072945.

How to Train Your Puppy Videos

We have prepared, with the help of our amazing dog training expert, Diane Bruce, two videos with some training tips for your little pups.

In the first video, we will cover:

  1. Basic Commands
  2. Mouthing
  3. Grabbing something they shouldn’t

In the second part we will cover:

  1. Jumping
  2. Walking your dog off lead
  3. Walking your dog on a lead
  4. Barking